Bishop and Pellegrino primary ticket toppers

September 24, 2009

Tuesday was Primary Day in Chelsea.

Contests were held in two districts – District 1 and District 7.

In District 1, Kathleen Cronin Bishop, topped the ticket besting Richard Pentano and Sylvia Ramirez.

Bishop, a cum laude Emmanuel College graduate who is employed at Home Depot in Chelsea, got 190 votes.

She is 22 and is the daughter of Chelsea city clerk Robert Bishop, himself a former ward councilor in Chelsea in the years before receivership.

Pentano is from a well known Chelsea family. He lives with his family on Exeter Street.

He came in second and will be facing Bishop in the November finale.

Pentano, a self-employed printer, is 58.

He received 141 votes.

Syvia Ramirez, a Reynolds Avenue resident, also ran.

She received 34 votes and was eliminated.

In Distric 7 balloting, a Washington Avenue attorney Anthony Pellegrino topped the ticket with 53 votes.

Incumbent Deborah Washington came in second with 35 votes. Washington is from a longtime Chelsea family and lives on Broadway.

Running third was Clifford Cunningham.

The Lawrence Street resident polled 17 votes and was eliminated.

Both primaries in the two districts drew a total of 476 voters – a small turnout by any stretch of the imagination.

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